Booking Process

From the moment you confirm your trip with us until your tour departure and beyond, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure the booking process is as smooth as possible.

There are two TCBC staff members assigned to every tour.

The first is your main point of contact with TCBC, your dedicated Tour Coordinator who will oversee the entire booking process, from the moment you confirm your booking with us until the moment you return from tour.

The second, working away tirelessly in the background, is your own personal Tour Specialist. This person is responsible for the logistics of your tour and for making all the tour arrangements. Closer to departure, your Tour Specialist will liaise with you to finalise arrangements, for example to inform you of evening activities that may be of interest and to confirm your final tour itinerary.

This way, you are in direct contact with the person who is planning the ground services for your trip which helps to ensure we are meeting your expectations and requirements.

This teamwork is essential to the smooth running of your tour and ensures that there are always a minimum of 2 people involved in your trip, guaranteeing continuity and attention to detail.

It also means there will always be someone available to discuss your tour with should you have a question.

Prior to each tour, the Tour Coordinator and Tour Specialist run through every aspect of the trip, following a detailed checklist to make sure nothing gets missed.

In this way we hope that you will develop a healthy trustworthy relationship with those planning your trip and one that will always be there for you when you come to book your next trip.

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Having travelled with TCBC on several occasions, we would never choose another tour operator. They offer value for money, a packed itinerary and expertise in planning the visit. Their attention to detail and determination to make each visit the best ever makes us return time after time.

Helena Clarke, History Teacher
Wilmslow High School