Properties used by TCBC will undergo a safety audit prior to first use

We use a variety of accommodation on our tours. For example, in Russia we use the same small pool of hotels we have worked with for years and with whom we have a great relationship; in Germany we make use of the excellent standard of hostels available and in Washington DC we have a mix of hotels and hostels to meet any budget.

Properties used by TCBC are required to complete a standard accommodation safety audit which will be checked and verified by our in house auditors. Moreover, properties we use more than 5 times a year will undergo a detailed on site safety audit by a fully trained TCBC auditor every 3 years.

TCBC staff regularly travel on our tours and therefore stay at the same properties you and your group will visit. We also make use of these visits to experience and assess the standard of the fire safety, food safety and overall level of service.

For more detailed information on this process, please request a copy of our Safety Management System.

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