Passports and Visas

Having the correct travel documentation for you and your students is crucial. The various entry requirements for different nationalities mean it is important to prepare carefully in advance.

Responsibility rests with the Group Leader to check tour participants have the necessary and correct travel documentation, including passports and visas, well in advance of departure.

All participants' passports should have sufficient validity for the countries to be visited on tour. You should encourage all travellers to check their passports' expiry dates and apply for a new one if necessary as soon as possible.

Please ensure that if your destination requires a visa, you apply in good time and that the entry requirements for different nationalities are met.

It's important to check your flight route and layovers. It can be that the airport you are flying via has different entry requirements and you may therefore need transit visas.

Please note that passport and visa regulations are subject to constant change; TCBC cannot be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of a traveller being refused boarding or entry.

If you are unsure, please check the passport and visa requirements directly with the foreign office or the relevant embassy before travel.

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We had fantastic support with getting the trip up and running and in terms of form filling and actually sorting out the visas, it was the easiest I have ever found it to be in all my previous trips.

Samantha Hunter, Languages Teacher
The Thomas Hardye School