Risk assessments

Helpful template available to assist you

TCBC has a risk assessment template available to assist you and save time when you come to submit your own risk assessment for the trip. It details some of the perceived dangers you could experience on tour and the associated level of risk.

Our template is not a finished product as each risk assessment completed needs to be tailored to the particular school and the particular group travelling.

Whilst we can identify potential risks on the tour and send you our template, the level of these risks may be different depending on the ages of the students travelling, their travel experience and other dynamics unique to your group. What may be perceived as a risk for one group may not be relevant to another.

Group Leaders should always review and adapt our templates to suit their tour and we always encourage our groups to be vigilant when on tour as a matter of course.

The School Travel Forum has written a useful document about demystifying risk assessments.

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