Risk assessments

Helpful templates to save you time

Preparing a risk assessment for your tour can be a lengthy process, and one you need to find the time for amongst your busy schedule.

We are here to help. We have prepared risk assessment templates for your school tour and will be happy to email you a copy upon request. It details some of the perceived dangers you could experience on tour and the associated level of risk.

It is not the finished product however as each risk assessment needs to be tailored to your particular group. You must take into account the ages of your students, their experience and other dynamics unique to your group. What may be perceived as a risk for one group may not be relevant to another.

As Group Leader, you have the best knowledge of your group to be able to put the final touches to a risk assessment, but our template will certainly do most of the work for you.

The School Travel Forum has written a useful document about demystifying risk assessments.

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