Social media on tour

Real time progress updates on selected tours to our Facebook and Twitter pages, a free service purely for the benefit of family back home.

We offer a free social media service for selected tours should the group leader wish to implement it. We upload posts to our Facebook and Twitter pages, purely for the benefit and peace of mind of family back home who can follow the progress of their children on tour.

We say selected tours because if you don't have a full time guide or a TCBC staff member on location with you, we won't be able to post for your group.

The posts are very generic, such as “The group has arrived in Berlin safely and is on the way to the hotel for check in and dinner”.

We try to upload one post every day and if possible a group photo from time to time. Prior to departure we can discuss our social media approach for your tour and tailor it to suit you and any school regulations that may be in place. Some schools prefer more posts, some less.

We have found that relatives really appreciate these posts and the best thing about it is that nothing is required from you apart from emailing family prior to departure to let them know about this service.

The details

Each trip will be allocated a personalised hashtag which your tour coordinator will send you. Please email this to the parents along with the links below and ask them to like/follow us:

Important: It’s only worth us doing if we know people back home are following the tour, so informing the parents is very important. We can also copy your school's social media pages into our posts.

It goes without saying, we take privacy very seriously. Posts won't name individual students and we would only upload images of groups of people, never individuals.

Please note: We will remove and/or report any third-party comments or content on our social media platforms that contains any of the following

• Discrimination of any kind: sexist, ageist, racist etc

• Spam: including any comment of a commercial nature, including profile pictures and user IDs

• Any content which is infringing, obscene, indecent, misleading or unlawful

• Any personal details e.g. phone numbers, addresses etc

• Any content that contains any swear words

• Any content that is primarily aimed to discredit our community members, or our company, without reason (also known as trolling)

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