Travel Insurance

Cover with a bespoke travel insurance policy, provided by Endsleigh Insurance, is included in all our tours.

We believe that safety and enjoyment are equally important when booking a tour with TCBC School Tours. It is therefore why it is a condition of booking with us that you have obtained adequate and valid specialist school group travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip.

TCBC School Tours have decided to partner with Endsleigh Insurance to create a bespoke school group travel insurance policy that covers against a variety of unforeseen risks.

Cover includes cancellation and curtailment of the trip due to illness, injury or death; the cost of any repatriation back to the beneficiary’s home country following a medical emergency. Additionally, cover for over 100 sports and activities are included as standard under this group policy and full details are available within the activity guide lists in the group policy documents.

The group policy has been arranged for the benefit of persons travelling on a trip (the beneficiary / beneficiaries) with TCBC School Tours (the group policyholder).

It is crucial that you read the insurance policy prior to completing your booking so you are fully aware of the levels of cover provided. We recommend you email details of insurance to all involved with the trip at the time of booking to ensure they (and if under 18, their parents or guardians) are aware of the full terms of cover.

A full copy of the insurance policy, a statement of insurance document and a pre existing medical conditions guide are included in the links below. Please note that as soon as your deposits have been paid and received for every member of the group, your policy will be live. If the cover does not meet your needs or if you prefer to use your school's existing travel insurance, you may opt out of the Endsleigh policy. Please let us know within 14 days of booking if you would like to do so.

Key features and benefits:

• A 24 hour helpline for medical emergencies
• Emergency medical expenses in the event of illness or injury
• Protection against cancellation or curtailment charges
• Cover for loss or damage to baggage and personal money
• A wide range of sports and activities covered including winter sports

Key eligibility and exclusions:

• Not available to anyone aged 85 or over
• No cover under cancellation or curtailment charges, emergency medical expenses or personal accident relating to any reason set out under ‘Important conditions relating to health’ – see group policy wording and endorsements that may be applicable to the policy
• No cover where the FCO or World Health Organisation has advised against travel
• No cover where travel is not departing from and returning to your home country
• Claims may subject to an excess, depending on the cover section of the policy
• No cover in connection with a medical epidemic or pandemic, except claims under Section 2 – Emergency Medical and other expenses. 

Important documents:

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