Online tours - early feedback

We could not wait to show teachers our first online tours, and when we did, we were extremely encouraged by the positive feedback we received.

“The excellent virtual tours offered go a long way to replace the educational benefits of our visits. Whilst we miss being in the city and hope to return as soon as we can, being able to see the important sights, get the insights of a knowledgeable and engaging guide, and be able to return to the tour again and again in the classroom are a very useful and fulfilling replacement. The guides discuss key elements of the history of the city and important historical events in an animated and professional manner, which is designed to be very flexible in classroom use, and which certainly adds a new resource to the KS4 package.

At a price which is very accessible and fair, the virtual tours are a must-have add-on to our classroom teaching this year, and it is likely that we will want them as a supplement to our actual visits in future years as they are a valuable resource in themselves. We will be looking to use them with the entire year group, which is in itself an improvement in inclusivity.

Thank you TCBC - a great addition to an already fantastic offer.”

Paul Easterbrook, History Teacher
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys


“During these uncertain times when school visits have not been able to take place I have been singularly impressed how TCBC have adapted to these challenging times by finding new ways of providing students with access to the tour guides in the places that are usually visited by schools.

TCBC have come up with the idea of tour guides filming the history of key cities by taking students on a virtual tour of a city moving to important locations all set within a strong chronological framework. This an exciting new adventure as it allows students to learn about the key turning points in a city's history from any of their devices. This is all achieved at a small cost for each student or school.

This innovation has great potential for expansion as schools would be able to meet virtually with tour guides for question and answer sessions based on an aspect of the courses that they study. I strongly recommend that schools engage with this new project which is both exciting and is a real testament to an organisation that has adapted remarkably quickly in these uncertain times where overseas school visits are on hold for a while.”

Andrew Lees, History Department
St Anselm's Catholic School


“We teach the Pearson Edexcel IGCSE course that covers the Cold War as well as Germany between the Wars and these tours really fit in perfectly. I signed up both my year 10s and 11s up for them immediately. If you can't actually be there, these are the next best thing. Far more effective and useful than a documentary, they give you a real sense of the place and the events. The guide is excellent, really knows his stuff and brings the events to life. The cost is great value. There is the flexibility to use them in sections within a lesson or as a whole year group 'tour'. Either way, they make for a new, different and interesting approach to the material - far better than any textbook. I highly recommend them.”

Dr Nathaniel Pitts, Head of History
Repton School


“The online tour of Red Square brings the heart of Moscow to your classroom. You really feel as if you are in Red Square and experience the beauty and history of this iconic landmark as you walk with your guide, Alexei; In the true spirit of all TCBC guides, hidden gems are brought to life and you are treated to authentic tales and insights, which can only serve to fuel students' interest in Russian history and culture.”

Antje Ransom, Head of MFL
Redmaids' High School


“These video tours are a wonderful resource to make the history of Germany and the Cold War meaningful to our students and give them that sense of historical place with regard to Berlin and its central role in the history they are studying. The Cold War tour makes particularly good use of the Bernauer Strasse memorial in a way that brings that site to life for the students.”

Elizabeth Carr, Head of History
Presdales School

“The Story of Berlin online tour makes Berlin ‘come alive’ for pupils and would make a fantastic addition to the GCSE course. Nick is an exceptionally knowledgeable guide who clearly has experience of working with school groups. His tour of Berlin is broken down into chapters which fit most of the exam board’s GCSE syllabuses. He takes us from the Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie and from Bismarck to reunification. It is useful that he concentrates most on the Weimar and Nazi eras as this makes it most relevant to use in the History classroom. Pupils will enjoy experiencing the history they are studying first-hand and it should boost their understanding. I intend to use it with my classes.”

Lisa Naylor, Head of History & Politics
The Saint John Henry Newman Catholic School