To all our fantastic teachers!

Today, on World Teachers’ Day, we wanted to take this opportunity to give special thanks for the amazing work you do and your dedication to a profession which is such an integral part of our children’s education.

On important days such as this, we can fondly look back on our school years and remember the magic of learning something new, with the irreplaceable guidance of our teachers. Since growing older and having kids of our own, we notice the methods of teaching have changed, but one thing that remains a constant, is that our children continue to thrive under the tutelage of that special educator, who once helped shape our future and now will do the same for our children.

The TCBC School Tours team, are privileged to be a part of your “learning outside the classroom” experience, with the organisation of fantastic school trips for students of various ages. To be involved in arranging such momentous trips as part of the students educational path, bringing to life what they have studied in the classroom and helping to create lasting memories, is incredibly rewarding. We commend the efforts of those teachers that devote their time and energy to making these trips so successful.

The complimentary feedback we receive, such as the examples below, clearly affirm the significance of these trips to all.

  • "Amazing trip, the pupils talking of it being the trip of a lifetime."
    History Teacher, Russia

  • "It’s hard to pick one favourite thing, it’s just a fabulous city to be in, especially with students who are visiting for the first time & learning so much about its amazing history."
    History Teacher, Berlin

  • "Nothing can be better than seeing the girls make links between what they have learnt in the classroom and what they were seeing in real life - one student commented in the political history museum that this was the best revision ever. Also the snow in St Petersburg!"
    History Teacher, Russia

Thank you again, for allowing us to be a fundamental part of your students education and we would like to congratulate you on World Teachers’ Day! You do an amazing job and to us, you are not just the group leader of our trips, but you are also remarkable leaders in the world of knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation who are often so eager for guidance and support. It is our honour to be part of this road and we look forward to continuing our journey together…