TCBC launches range of online tours

What a year. In February we were celebrating our most successful period ever in our 15 year history. In March, everything had turned upside down and we were facing uncertainty and the unknown.

However, our nature at TCBC is and always has been positive, proactive and forward-looking. We could finally focus on a project we had been intrigued by for years - online tours.

We realised that now was the perfect time to develop this product. Our superb local guides, all without work, all in the unusual position of having time on their hands, were very enthusiastic and keen to dive right in.

The goal is to bring our tours into the classroom, to give students a sense and a flavour of the destination they will hopefully one day get to visit in person and to create a product which will enhance their studies in a new, unique way whilst still inspiring the desire to travel.

We really did jump right in, knowing that the idea was a good one and convinced it will be a success, but knowing nothing about editing videos and copyright. Fast forward 6 months and we have certainly travelled up a steep learning curve. We have researched, trialled, surveyed, refined, and on occasion started over completely from scratch. Previously unused terms like “dead cat”, “gimbals” , “zoom” and “EULAs” are now commonplace in our workplace.

And now, that fantastic moment - we are ready to share our first tours.

Our first offerings come from Berlin, Moscow and Auschwitz. You can choose from a focussed 55 minute tour describing the Cold War in Berlin and the fall of the wall, a relaxing 35 minute stroll around Red Square including Lenin’s Mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral or a sombre 50 minute tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps for which we were granted exclusive access to by the state museum.

You can view excerpts of these tours by clicking the videos below.

Berlin Cold War tour

Red Square walking tour

Auschwitz-Birkenau tour

Also available to share are a 55 minute tour of Berlin’s main sights, “The Story of Berlin” and a 35 minute tour of the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow.

We have several more tours from these destinations in various stages of production including a walking tour of the Moscow Kremlin, a themed Stalin’s Architecture tour and a tour of the Moscow Metro. From Berlin we have a 15 minute tour of the Palace of Tears, a 40 minute Airlift tour and a tour looking at the Stasi. From Krakow we will soon be offering an Oscar Schindler tour.

Our tours are not confined to these 3 destinations however. America is next on the list. We already have a tour of the Mall and one of the Memorials filmed and ready to be edited, followed swiftly by an American Revolution tour filmed in Philadelphia and a series of Civil Rights tours from the Deep South.

We also have guides filming tours in St Petersburg, Rome, Pompei, Iceland and we will also have a collection of tours from the Battlefields.

Our online tours are easy to share - just a few clicks and you can watch straight away. You will have full control over the tour in terms of being able to pause to discuss and to skip to certain sections. Moreover they can be accessed at any time on any device by students throughout their course. They are perfect for revision, homework and setting the scene.

The best part though is the price. We are able to offer these tours at extremely favourable prices, from £1-£5 pp for any tour depending on the number of students watching. We can offer attractive bundles and discounts for purchasing several tours. We want these tours to be as inclusive as possible and price shouldn't be an obstacle.

It’s easy to see the value of our tours and we have been extremely encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from those teachers who have already watched our tours.

To find out more or to view any of our tours for free, please email

    We are ready to prove that we are world class!