Happy World Teachers' Day!

First celebrated on October 5, 1994, World Teachers’ Day became an important annual reminder to pay gratitude to all the teachers, who teach with dedication and selflessness.

For us, this day is one more chance to tell you how remarkable you are and how exciting it is to work with you and help you organise school trips for your students. When going through our feedback forms, one of the popular answers to the question, "What was the highlight of your trip?", would be, “Seeing my students so happy.” Just reading this brings us closer to the profession and allows us to be part of something bigger than an educational school trip.

In the same way as you inspire your students to become better versions of themselves, you inspire us to develop new destinations, offer new products and ultimately make your experience greater each year. Here are some of the most recent students’ testimonials, for which you should take credit as there would be no such trips if it wasn’t for you!

Outwood Academy Newbold, Berlin

"The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish, we enjoyed every second! Berlin is a fascinating city."

Greenhead College, Berlin

"I felt we were constantly busy, it was full of activities from the start to the end of the day, making me feel like we got our money's worth."

Harrow School, Bologna & Florence

"There was just the right amount of activities, balanced with a good amount of free time to explore and have fun. The best I could have asked for on a school trip."

Repton School, Battlefields

"The tour was super gripping, new information about the war was always flowing in and we saw incredible things like giant craters from ancient explosions."

Bristol Grammar School, Tallinn

"It was the best school trip I have ever been on so far!"

Harrow School, Tour of US East Coast Universities
"This trip truly changed my outlook on US universities and if it weren’t for it, I never would have known what I am looking for in them."

Bablake Senior School, Berlin

"The trip was incredible and I'll remember the great time I had with my friends for the rest of my life!”

Forest School, Iceland

"It was very educational and taught us lots about what we needed to know for our GCSE's.

Let’s continue creating memories of a life time together! Happy World Teachers’ Day!