Zaryadye Park - an oasis in Moscow

A beautiful modern, green place of tranquility in the heart of downtown Moscow.

Opened in December 2017, this new park is located just behind Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral, on the edge of the River Moskva.

It's an ambitious project, created as per their website "by an international team of architects, engineers, landscape designers and other experts. Here the concepts of nature and technology, education and entertainment, history and modernity are united and complement each other."

One of the best things is the futuristic floating bridge which gives access to a new vista of the Kremlin and Red Square. Suspended seemingly in mid air across the river, you can capture fantastic group shots of your students in this glorious setting.

It's interesting to remember what previously stood on this spot - the infamous Rossiya hotel, one of the world's largest, an excellent example of what the Soviets liked to do with concrete blocks.

It was finally decided that the building was an eyesore and couldn't occupy prime Moscow real estate any longer. It was completely razed in 2006 to make way for what eventually was to become Zaryadye Park.