The Palace of Tears tour topics

TCBC is offering an online tour for free - The Palace of Tears. This is a 17 minute tour dedicated to the former border crossing point at Friedrichstrasse Station in East Berlin and the only one that is still standing today.

Our Berlin guide Nick Jackson explains how East and West Berliners crossed the border between 1962 and 1989 and how the divided city functioned. For more detailed tour topics, please see below:

The Palace of Tears Online tour

  • Introduction - what was The Palace of Tears?
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  • Germany after World War II
  • Potsdam Conference in 1945 - the future of the German capital determined
  • Berlin shared between four powers
  • Berlin West surrounded by the Berlin Wall
  • Access to West Berlin through Zoo station
  • Following the Transit border train route
  • Friedrichstra├če station today
  • The refuge story of Nick's family
  • Kindertransport Sculptures
  • The Story of the Palace of Tears
  • How did the border crossing point work?
  • Inside the Palace of Tears building: passport control
  • East German citizens who could travel to the West
  • Story of Wolf Biermann
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The Palace of Tears building today

You can view a short trailer if you click on the video below.

This is a free tour - to book this tour, or to find out more, please email