Teacher testimonial: Andrew Lees

My experience of running trips to Berlin was made so much easier with the very detailed planning that TCBC put in place.

Every single detail was taken care of from the time we were picked up from school until the end of the tour. They are a highly well organised and family run company who take great pride in their dealings with schools. I will always use them for our trips abroad as they make them run like clockwork and our students get so much out of each trip with memories that will last a lifetime.

The Berlin trip ties in with the two A Level courses that we study. For example, the unit on the history of the GDR ties in nicely with the Cold War walks and museums that we visit. Moreover, the coursework module that looks at the Holocaust allows us to visit Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp where we learn about the development of the Camp system used by the Nazis. Our students always come away from a visit here with a very comprehensive and deeper understanding of the way that the Nazis systematically planned murder on a mass scale for any of the different groups of people that they viewed as being degenerate or sub-human.

Travelling with TCBC makes our lives so much easier for us as teachers, in terms of the planning and delivery of each tour. There is a very detailed plan of events (down to each hour) and the local guides are very knowledgeable and insightful. Moreover, the accommodation is first rate. Students and staff feel safe and welcomed and our trips to Berlin always leave a lasting impression with the students. TCBC are an excellent company to work with. They have a very well-run system of trips and we have total trust in them to organise very comprehensive and very well priced visits to Berlin. We have used them on five occasions and will continue to work with them in the future.

Written by Andrew Lees, Curriculum Manager History Department
St Anselm’s Catholic School