A note on Brexit

Due to the uncertainty and unpredictability surrounding Brexit, TCBC has identified 4 areas where there could be additional costs or travel disruption on tours.

We are adding this information to all our quotes so you can be aware and informed before committing to a booking.

  1. Exchange rates - we are endeavouring to allow reasonable buffers in new quotes for fluctuating exchange rates. However, should the exchange rates dramatically fall to levels which will seriously affect the running of your tour, we may need to ask clients for a supplement. In all cases we will be as transparent as possible and only ask for a supplement if we feel we have no other option available to us.
  2. Visas - it may be that, following Brexit, visa regulations change and visas will be required for your tour. Whilst we hope this won’t be the case, TCBC would have to pass on any unforeseen additional visa costs to the trip participants.
  3. EHIC - it’s not known how the EHIC card will be affected after Brexit and whether it will still apply to UK citizens. We will keep you updated as we find out so you can take appropriate action.
  4. Transportation - UK based transportation suppliers (airlines, coaches, ferries, trains) may be required to complete additional paperwork in order to enter Europe and there could therefore be some disruption in travel as the transition is made post Brexit.

We will do our best to keep you informed and help you to manage any enforced itinerary changes as a result of this.

As ABTA members we receive regular updates about their discussions with the Government about Brexit and how it will affect the travel industry. Here is their latest advice