Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund

ROOF is a charity based in the Pskov region of Russia. Their philosophy is that children deserve a brighter and safer future and aim to provide better opportunities for orphans in Russia.

ROOF's focus is to improve the lifestyle of these children, not only through education, but providing them with wider skill sets to allow them to be part of larger society.

Many orphans throughout Russia are faced with a bleak future; be that broken relationships, no education or even forced into institutions once they hit the age of 17. ROOF want to try and avoid these routes, instead helping the children to become more able members of society.

TCBC send thousands of students a year to Russia on our trips; so choosing to help ROOF was an easy choice. Giving back to a charity in Russia is our way of helping those less fortunate who don’t have the same opportunities as those not only in Russia, but worldwide too.

ROOF is directed by Georgia and Andrew Williams: both who are based in France, but make regular trips to and from the orphanage during the year.

TCBC's contribution to ROOF is distributed over 3 projects:

  1. Helping to keep the Abilitation Centre house in Porkhov functioning. A local Russian couple, themselves elderly, currently act as house parents and care for two orphanage graduates (Dima and Ilya) and they intend to do so for life, because they don't expect that either can ever live on their own. The Abilitation Centre programme itself, however, has grown to be wider than just the house in Porkhov; volunteers have been living with orphanage graduates who will in future be able to move on to living on their own in other locations, including at a flat in Pskov.
  2. The growth of the Pskov Post Orphanage Centre (which has been open since Sept 2016). They currently have about 20 orphanage graduates involved, and update their website with the programmes they run
  3. Funding the Podolsk project, which sends tutors into the Podolsk orphange to help kids with understanding their school materials.

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