Planning a trip: Teacher tips

Naturally, TCBC is responsible for organising a perfect school trip, but it is important to say that it takes a lot of devotion from the person responsible for the trip at school too.

Below is a selection of top tips from some of our experienced group leaders which first time group leaders have found especially handy when coming to plan their trip. Please note that these tips are valid for all tours.

  • “Talk to TCBC about tailoring the trip to your students' needs!”
    History Teacher, Battlefields

As you know, TCBC specialises in customised tours, so we always appreciate the tiny details about our travellers to make your trip tailor-made. Tours can be tailored to your subject and curriculum.

  • “Ensure parents know not to change their child's passport details after they have given details to school!
    History Teacher, Berlin

Indeed, proper communication with parents will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and make your planning stage smoother. The importance of submitting the correct personal data cannot be overlooked. For instance, once passport details are provided, additional costs could be levied if any further changes to the passenger's details need to be made.

  • “Plan early…"
    History and Politics Teacher, Berlin
  • “Start early with the name list. The rate at which the info comes in is glacial, and there will be changes.”
    History Teacher, Berlin
  • “Get interest and deposits before booking so that the rest of the preparation is smooth before the trip, meaning that you enjoy it more.”
    History and Geography Teacher, Berlin
  • “Plan, plan, plan..." Head of Year, USA

It may seem obvious, but the word "plan" is vital! Planning helps relieve stress and ensures a better result. Even though you will be supported by TCBC staff members at each stage of planning, and your tour coordinator will outline exactly when information is required, it is very important from your side to provide all necessary details on time.

  • “Think carefully about the little things, like how you are going to get from A to B and how long that will take. Make sure you plan time for students to grab lunches etc, it always takes longer than you think.”
    RS Teacher, Rome
  • “With this type of trip, there is a lot of free time / travelling time which needs to be factored minute by minute in to your planning.”
    History Teacher, Berlin

Your TCBC tour specialist will be there for you to develop an ideal tour schedule, advise on the activities and how much time this takes. Unlike Russian tours where you are always travelling by coach and have the guide with you all the time, European tours are more independent and include public transportation. Therefore, it is crucial to plan all routes in advance so you avoid either being late for your next activity or arriving too early.

  • “Always undertake a guided walking tour as part of your trip - a good starting-point.”
    History Teacher, Berlin

One of the major strengths of TCBC lies in our guides. We are definitely proud of their work ethic and devotion with which they support our clients. Hence, we always recommend to include guided tours in your schedule.

  • “Speak to someone at school who will help you get the finances right.”
    Politics Teacher, Rome

If you can get help with financial matters from school, do that!

  • “Early flights can tire the students out for the rest of the day, so pay attention to activities planned for that day.”
    Physics Teacher, Geneva
  • “Consider the age of the pupils and what they will cope with. At the end of term, staff and kids are tired and concentration spans are reduced.”
    History Teacher, Krakow
  • “Ensure that you have some free time planned within your trip for the students otherwise they will be exhausted!”
    History Teacher, Italy

Since school trips are usually short, quick and stuffed with activities, they do not usually imply too much free time. However, we have our own tricks to make it easier for students to stay fit and focused. We always try to offer a fun evening activity (e.g bowling, ballet or concert) instead of another museum to let them digest what they have learned during the day and relax too.

  • "Get up early and go to bed late so that the students have as much time as possible seeing sights, using the hotel purely for breakfast and bed!"
    History teacher, Battlefields

Yet, many group leaders prefer a very tight schedule that will keep their students busy at all times. Fortunately, as our tours are customisable, we can easily adapt your itinerary to your needs. Our general advice is: consider the age of students, the educational purpose of your trip and the destination when planning your itinerary.

  • “Make a WhatsApp group of all those travelling for easy and instant communication. Good when out, in the hotel or can’t see everyone at the airport. Really helpful on our last two trips.”
    Art Teacher, Venice

When it comes to the safety of students, each teacher has their own tricks that they are eager to share. Staying connected on a social network is definitely an idea!

We hope these tips will be useful and make your tour planning smooth and worry free. We on our end will do our best to exceed your expectations and organise a successful trip.