TCBC employee auditor training

Natalia Sotshjova and Asia Eisner were selected to attend specialist training to become TCBC's first official in-house accommodation auditors, along with our Director Dan Hornby.

As Contracts Manager, it's very important for Natalia to understand the audit process because as part of her role at TCBC she oversees all accommodation audits.

Asia is one of our Tour Specialists who travels most frequently to our destinations, so it's convenient for Asia to have the skills to be able to audit properties.

The training consisted of two parts, the first a 2 day course, learning the theory and understanding the reasoning behind audit requirements together with practical assessments. Important topics covered included fire safety, food safety and a detailed look at the standard audit forms which need to be completed.

The second part of the course was a live audit of a hotel accompanied by an external Health and Safety examiner. Dan, our Director, having already taken the first course separately, was able to join Natalia and Asia for this and complete his audit training in full as well.

Additionally, later in the year, Natalia and Dan attended and passed a 2-part standard coach auditor training course.

This training is a vital component of TCBC's Safety Management System. All accommodation and coach companies we use more than 5 times a year are visited and audited personally by TCBC once every 3 years.