Crisis Management refresher training

In January 2019, TCBC held a 2 day training course for its employees, dedicated to Health and Safety on tours.

Director, Dan Hornby, began with a detailed overview of TCBC’s position in the market and outlined our goals for the coming months and years. This was followed by training on our updated Safety Management System along with TCBC’s Health & Safety Manager, Natalia Sotshjova.

Guest speaker Colin McGregor, MD of Tranquilico, with more than 30 years experience in the travel industry, was then invited to present his engaging crisis management training which included putting the TCBC team through a real-life crisis scenario and testing our reactions and response.

Director Ben Hornby said, “I believe this training is absolutely crucial for an organisation such as ours. There is no time to be on a learning curve if a crisis occurs, we all need to be fully prepared and know our duties so that we can be as effective as possible.”

The final part of our training was given over to the British Red Cross, who delivered a First Aid refresher course to TCBC employees.

“We have refresher training every 3 years and this was the 4th time for me. I find it absolutely invaluable, knowing that my actions could save someone’s life. One of the main things the trainers always want to get across is that even if you’re not sure what to do or if you’re worried you will cause more harm, it is always better to try and help rather than not do anything at all,” said Ben.

Dan added, "We have dealt with numerous situations in the past which have required immediate attention, focus and a quick response. We know that unexpected things can happen on tours and if we are ready for anything, then nothing can surprise us. Training such as this, can only help our employees react more effectively when faced with an on tour emergency."

"The purpose of Crisis Management is to have systems in place to effectively address and coordinate response, resources, and internal and external communication during and after an emergency situation. In a crisis, team work is important - team work within TCBC and with clients. Any situation may escalate if left unresolved, therefore it is vital to react to any emergency immediately,"
Natalia concluded.

Close attention to Health and Safety and Crisis Management is a must when it comes to our industry and TCBC should be as prepared as possible to handle extraordinary situations and do our best to make sure our clients feel that they are in safe hands. Regular refresher training such as this means we keep our focus and never underestimate the importance of safety on tour.