Student Voices: Feedback Part 1

We've often shared feedback from our teachers, but we believe it's equally important for you to hear directly from the students about their experiences with TCBC School Tours.

Whether a modern foreign language school trip, a history trip, or just a general cultural one, the comments from our students prove how meaningful school trips can be. In fact, the recent testimonials were so inspiring and relevant that we had to split this blog into two parts in order to show you more. So, please enjoy reading Feedback Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2!

Bolton School, Year 11, Tallinn
"The language lessons benefitted my studies, and some guides helped us by doing parts of the tour in Russian so we could try to translate."

King's College Alicante, Year 12, Berlin
"Out of all the school trips I have been on, this one was managed the best and it was the one I enjoyed the most so far."

"TCBC guides are very nice and friendly; you can tell that they genuinely love their job and have a great interest in what they are doing. They made the city tours very engaging, and even though the tours were long, I did not feel bored or tired."

"Great experience! Loved the museums! Wish I was back in Germany right now..."

"Each day we got to participate in activities that were more exciting than the previous day's."

Akeley Wood School, Year 13, Geneva
"Very interesting trip to CERN, good to see projects I could be working on in a few years."

Hardenhuish School, Year 9, Battlefields

"The trip was thought-provoking and really hit home how many young, innocent lives were lost. I was glad to be able to come home, as so many never did."

Cheadle Hulme School, Year 12, Rome
"This trip totally slayed every day away! The journey wasn’t just educational and enriching, it was also about the friends we made on the way."

Wolverhampton Girls' High School, Year 12, Tallinn
"Our guide made the tour fascinating and empowering. I learnt a lot not only about the history of Tallinn, but also about its future. Thank you!"

"The history, the culture, the architecture and the beautiful weather - I would highly recommend anyone to visit the beautiful city of Tallinn!"

Twickenham Prep School, Year 7, Battlefields

"I thought the trip was absolutely amazing and extremely interesting. Our tour guide made it very easy to understand. My favorite part was walking through the trenches and tunnels."

"This trip has been excellent and our tour guide, Major Jon Wort, was excellent with his knowledge of being in the army, serving to his country, giving us a lot more knowledge that we had before the trip about the Somme."

"It was an amazing tour and I will be looking forward to going again soon!"

Cromwell Community College, Year 11, Iceland

"The best trip I’ve ever been on, once in a lifetime experience."

Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres, Year 10, Tallinn/Helsinki

"This trip was one of the most organised and fun events that I have experienced. We, my classmates and I, had loads of fun!"

St Peter's School York, Year 9, Berlin

"This was a wonderful experience where you get to see all the aspects of Berlin and why it is so different from other cities. Highly recommended. The tour guides are extremely helpful."

King Edward's School Witley, Year 11, Berlin

"I had so much fun practicing German with my friends in Berlin."

Woodchurch High School, Year 10, Berlin
"Not all schools provide you with a trip. I'm so glad mine does, it makes your group become a lot more closer and you all have a fun experience."

Harrow School, Year 12, Tour of US Universities 

"This trip truly changed my outlook on US universities, and if it weren’t for it, I never would have known what I am looking for in them."

Presdales, Year 10, Rome

"I had a great time in Rome and the experience definitely improved my Italian knowledge."