Putin calendars - a classroom treat

On a whim, we purchased a number of 2017 Putin calendars from Dom Knigi (House of Books) in St Petersburg and brought them back to England.

We thought it would be interesting for history teachers to show their students how Putin is portrayed in his own country.

We weren't ready for how popular they would prove to be however. We had to put in an extra order and when the 2018 calendars became available we ordered 100 straight away.

It's unlikely however that these are official calendars - several of the photos are years old.

We're happy to send these calendars out to teachers free of charge; we usually email a note that they have arrived and then post to the first responses until we run out.

We are currently stocking up on 2019 calendars and hope to be able to send these out in the coming weeks. If you want to make sure of your copy, please let us know now

Make sure to read this BBC article about the mystery of who is buying all his calendars. TCBC could be one of the majority purchasers!