New Travel Sure Insurance Policy

As members of the School Travel Forum, TCBC is excited to be able to offer a new travel insurance product designed to promote safe travel for schools.

Recognising that a new more comprehensive travel insurance product would be needed to help restart school trips, the School Travel Forum has partnered up with ABTA and AXA Insurance to create a policy called STF Travel Sure. It is tailor made for schools to be able to start booking school trips again with confidence and it will be included as standard in all our quotes from now on.

For cover details and more information on the policy ("Useful Documents" section), please see here

Alongside additional bespoke measures included in the policy, such as Covid-19 cancellation cover, this insurance provides access to AXA’s Travel Companion app ‘Traveleye’ which can be used anywhere in the world and has some extremely useful features.

You will also have 24/7 worldwide access to the ‘telemedical’ online video service via the Doctor Please! app which allows you to consult remotely with English speaking doctors on your smart phone.

The STF Travel Sure policy will allow teachers, parents and students to book trips with TCBC with confidence, but please note, if your school already has similar insurance in place, just let us know and you can always opt out.

STF Travel Sure - school group travel insurance by ABTA/AXA