Free online tour with every booking

During this academic year, although we couldn't organise any actual tours, we still managed to bring our destinations to your classroom.

We achieved this with our online tours from Moscow, Berlin and Krakow. Many teachers suggested that it was not only a great alternative to an actual tour, but also valuable additional material to the course.

We believe, when school trips finally resume, schools can still benefit from online tours as it's a new experience that was not available before the pandemic. You don't need to make a chooice between real trips and online tours, as they go well together hand in hand.

How does it work?

We are including online tours free for all booked tours in the coming year. You can have access for the whole academic year and you can choose any online tour, even if it isn’t to the destination you are visiting.

If you are travelling to Berlin or Krakow and want your students to take a glance at your upcoming trip, you could choose the Berlin Cold War tour or the Auschwitz tour and watch these tours together before visiting in person. Alternatively, you can receive access to the Red Square tour and still travel to Berlin or Krakow, but use the Moscow tour during your lessons.

Currently, we have the following videos ready to share:


The Cold War
The Story of Berlin
The Palace of Tears


The Auschwitz-Birkenau
Kraków, the Nazis and Oskar Schindler
The Galicia Jewish Museum


Red Square walking tour
Stalinist Architecture (coming soon)
Metro tour (coming soon)

When you make a booking, just let us know which one of these tours you would like to receive access to and we will send you a link straight away.

All our videos are hosted on Vimeo and have captions if needed.