Emergency situation? TCBC are here!

No matter how well we plan your trips, we can't predict everything that can happen. We can use our imagination however and be as thoroughly prepared as possible to help out should you need us.

Over the years we have dealt with several emergency situations and received high praise for the way we handled them.

As a teacher putting your trust in us, it's good to know that we have experience of these situations and that we've got your back.

Here are a few examples of situations we have dealt with.

RGS Newcastle | Istanbul & Gallipoli - snowstorm in Turkey

A freak snowstorm in February forced Istanbul's airport to close and cancel one of our group's flight back to the UK. The inclement weather and the closure of the airport meant severe delays for everyone wanting to fly out of Istanbul. RGS had to stay an extra two days in Istanbul before it was possible to fly them back.

TCBC was in constant communication with the teachers on tour and the relevant school contacts back home and eventually managed to arrange the return of the group (without Turkish Air's help) with 3 different airlines on 3 different routings.

"This was an outstanding trip to Istanbul and Gallipoli, which our students and staff loved. And when we were snowbound, TCBC were quick to help to the max. Thank you for all your support."

Several Schools | Russia - explosion in St Petersburg metro

We had 6 schools in Moscow ready to travel to St Petersburg on an overnight train when news came through of a terrorist attack in one of the destination city's metro stations. We liaised immediately and regularly with the schools in the UK and the teachers in Russia and followed each school's wishes in terms of managing the situation.

All of the groups had already checked out of their Moscow hotels. One school decided to continue as normal and took the overnight train to St Petersburg. The other schools decided they would like to remain in Moscow one more night to see how the situation unfolded and travel to St Petersburg the following day. We were able to extend the Moscow guides' hours, accommodate all the groups for one more night in Moscow last minute and purchase new tickets on a day train the next day.

Whilst a tragic event, the impact to the school's itinerary was minimal. All of the schools affected only had glowing words of praise for the way the tour progressed and the way TCBC handled the situation during this tragic event.

"It was superb, thank you, definitely our best Russia trip yet. The disruption due to the terrorism attack couldn't be helped and whilst we were waiting for a decision from our school over whether to travel, our local TCBC guides handled a very unusual and unavoidable situation very well."
Bootham School

"Thank you very much for all your sterling efforts. It was a superb, enjoyable and safe trip and we're delighted with the service you provided. The support and communication were first-class, particularly when we were discussing whether to reschedule our itinerary due to the metro explosion."
Bolton School

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work while we were out in Russia, it was much appreciated. Both our local guides, and TCBC staff in the UK were very helpful during the terrorist attack."
Lady Eleanor Holles

"I would like to say a big thank you to the team for their help and support with regard to our ‘bonus’ Russian experience. If felt great to know that you were there for us, liaising with school back home and working hard to rearrange our itinerary with the minimum of fuss. You went above and beyond!"
Withington Girls' School

City of London Girls | Venice - flights cancelled due to fog

Due to a high level of fog, the flights to Italy for this school were cancelled with no acceptable alternative option offered. Given it was only a 4 day trip, trying to find a replacement flight from a suitably located airport was not easy, but we persevered with all options and eventually got the group to their destination safe and sound.

"We appreciate your support all the way through this. Thank you for working so hard night and day to get us here! The hotel is very good, very kind and welcoming and the girls had a wonderful breakfast. Thank you also for the beautiful flowers which just arrived, we love them."