Berlin live tour feedback

Our live tours of Berlin are proving to be a great success. Of those teachers who have taken part so far, 100% said they were very happy with the quality of the tour, their guide, the ease of organising and all would like to do another live tour with us.

What is a live tour?

During a live tour, we connect your class directly with our guide in the destination via Zoom. It's very easy to arrange and set up. Students can even join from home if remote learning. The audio / visual quality is great and students are able to enjoy a walk in real time, asking and answering questions as they go along.

We'll make sure the guide is aware of your studies in advance so we can make the tour as relevant as possible. The tour can be given in English or German and our live tours are of great benefit to both teachers and students alike, as the feedback below shows. This is a fantastic enrichment activity and the value for students of seeing the places they are learning about with their own eyes cannot be underestimated.

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Teacher feedback

"Fantastic - when you can't actually be there, do a live tour, you won't regret it.“
Lingfield College

"The tour of Berlin was a real highlight at the end of term, bringing the topic alive by seeing the place in real time.”
Manchester Grammar School

"A fantastic experience for students. The guide was incredibly knowledgeable and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their tour. There was an excellent focus on Weimar and Nazi Germany and Cold War for our course topics.“
Dallam School

"The pupils really enjoyed going to Berlin - it was a fantastic way to whet their appetites for learning about the traumatic beginnings of Weimar Germany, and the focus on the Holocaust by walking through the Memorial at the end of the tour allowed them to see the disastrous results of Hitler's rise to power."
Uppingham School

"So proud of our students for following this whistle-stop tour of Berlin, ably conducted in German throughout by our excellent tour guide. The language element was most important to us and Martin cleverly pitched it at the right level for Yr 10 students, sensibly throwing in English words when there was no chance that the students would understand otherwise. He did this really well“
Abbey School

"We travel with TCBC every year, and they always provide an excellent tour for us - we don't use anyone else. We are immensely grateful that whilst it has been impossible to travel, they have pulled out all the stops to transport us to Berlin, allowing us access to their top quality guides and providing an exciting and educational high point for our students in an otherwise rather difficult year. Looking forward to both the next virtual guided tour, and getting back to Berlin in person with TCBC next year.”
The Langton Grammar School

"Our Year 10s at Repton loved their live tour of Berlin. Our guide, Nick, was engaging, entertaining and hugely knowledgeable and our students came away from their tour with a much closer appreciation of the significance of Berlin as a city and the way history has left its legacy on Berlin. We were able to engage seamlessly with our guide and our tour was a fantastic way to extend their interest in History as a subject.”
Repton School

"The tour was excellent. I was so impressed by the mix of live video and screen sharing to show the historical pictures. The links our guide made between architecture and memory were brilliant and the questions he got us thinking about to do with memorialisation were perfect and at exactly the right stretching level for our students.“
Aylesbury High School

Student feedback

It’s clear our live tours inspire and enthuse students to travel. In answer to the survey question "Does watching this tour make you want to visit the destination in person?” 100% of students replied “yes” and 97% said they would like to watch more of our live tours.

"The interactive tours gives a more immersive feel of Berlin - far more than any image”

"Felt just like I was in Berlin myself :)”

"A brilliant, informative and really interesting live tour. Absolutely fantastic and I will definitely do it again.”

"Detailed and interesting tour into Berlin and its history”

"You are engrossed so much that you feel as if you are really there.”

"I really enjoyed seeing the city directly through the screen, rather than just looking at photos on google. It made me want to visit there even more!”

"The tour was very informative and professional and made us actually think about what we have learnt and use our own opinions and interpretations on the different ideas and events to discuss the points in the tour with the guide.”

"The tour was very informative and engaging, it was an excellent way to build understanding of areas of historical significance that we would not otherwise have been able to see during our course.”

"A great guide and a brilliant tour showing some amazing places - it definitely made me want to visit Berlin for myself in the future.”

“Very interesting, I learnt a lot!”

"The tour was fascinating and really provided me an insight into the historical sites of the period under study.”

"It was a fun and engaging experience.”

"A sensational performance to really engage the students"

"It was very enjoyable and made history that more interesting”

"A great all round experience that I would highly recommend to all"

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