Auschwitz online tour topics

Every year on January 27th, there is a day to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. To enhance your educational resources, TCBC has produced an online tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

We are very grateful to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum for their cooperation and for allowing us exclusive access to film on the site.

Museum Educator Paweł Sawicki walks TCBC's guide Paulina Jurkowska-Pudełko through both camps discussing a wide range of topics, specially tailored to a student audience, as detailed below:

Auschwitz site

  • Preparation - the best way to visit Auschwitz
  • The Story of Auschwitz - why the Nazis needed a camp (overcrowded prisons), how it developed into part of the Final Solution and turned from a prison camp to an extermination camp
  • Surrounding buildings, size of camp, numbers
  • Role of the Orchestra - dehumanisation of the camp
  • Inside the barracks / exhibitions
  • Why this location?
  • Victim groups
  • How these groups were moved to the camp
  • Archive photos from Birkenau - pictures of Hungarian Jews made by SS documenting logistical process
  • Process of extermination in Birkenau
  • Unloading, selection process, empty platforms, robbery, individual perpetrators
  • Story of victims but also story of perpetrators
  • What happened to prisoners’ personal effects
  • Every day life of prisoners - their first moments, transfer of person to prisoner, losing individuality
  • Children in Auschwitz
  • The Block of Death (camp prison) & execution wall
  • Auschwitz as a business / profit earner
  • Who worked in Auschwitz
  • What happened to those who worked in the camp after the war (perpetrators’ fate)
  • Rudolf Hess, the 1st commandant
  • Gas chamber / crematorium

Birkenau site

  • Size of camp, panoramic views
  • Railway line
  • Unloading and selection process
  • Barracks, accommodation, living standards
  • Unloading platform
  • Survivors’ voices / books
  • Gas chamber
  • Warning for today
  • 1967 monument to commemorate victims
  • What can we do today to make the world a better place?

You can view an excerpt from this tour by clicking on the video below.

    Prices range from £1-£5 pp depending on the number of students. TCBC makes a donation to the museum for every tour sold.

    To book this tour, or to find out more, please email