A few important TCBC milestones

TCBC ran its first tour in February 2006.

Manchester Grammar School were the lucky clients and travelled on an epic 8 day trip to Moscow and St Petersburg with 36 boys and 4 staff.

Later that year we ran 2 more trips, both to Russia - Clifton College in October and KCS Wimbledon in December.

The following year, we took a big leap forward and jumped from 3 tours to 17 tours, mostly to Russia, but a couple to Berlin and one to Paris.

We haven’t looked back since and quickly turned TCBC into a successful family business.

We employed our first "non-Hornby" staff member in our Tallinn office in 2007 and our first in the UK in 2009.

We now have 14 employees spread over 2 offices (Cheshire, UK and Tallinn, Estonia) and operate tours to over 20 destinations with Russia headlining this list as our speciality. Thousands of students a year travel with us on these tours, not just from UK schools, but from many international schools too.

We are so grateful to each of our clients for the support and business you give us. We love to inspire students to travel and bring their learning to life.

We certainly couldn’t do what we do without teachers! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to making trips possible at your school.