Story of Berlin

Relevant to students of: Weimar Germany, Nazi Germany, The Cold War, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Berlin 1300-1990.

Dedicated to the city’s history over 800 years, The Story of Berlin details life in the city for the everyday Berliner. Modern History students can explore life during the two World Wars, the divided experiences of East and West Berlin and finish with German reunification in the 1990s. WIth exhibits from the 13th Century and contemporary explorations of issues such as Faith and Tolerance which explores Berlin’s multifaith environment, there is plenty for students of Religion and Philosophy also. 

As part of the Story of Berlin, you can take a guided tour of Berlin’s largest nuclear bomb site, deep under Kurfürstendamm. Part of a series of civil defence shelters, nuclear bunkers were built or repurposed across Berlin as part of preparations for a possible nuclear war between the Allies and the Soviet Union. There are 3,000 shelters located under Berlin, this one holding 3600 people. This tour allows students to experience one of the hidden aspects of Berlin.