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Berlin is one of our most popular destinations. A school trip to Berlin, a city brimming with history, is a valuable educational and cultural experience - one your students will never forget! We can customise any itinerary to suit your studies and offer a bespoke planning service.

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Ideal For:


  • History & Politics
  • Religious Studies
  • German Language
  • Art & Design


  • The Weimar Republic
  • Origins of WW1
  • Development of totalitarianism
  • Impact of Hitler & National Socialism
  • Holocaust, Anti-Semitism & The Cold War
  • Considering issues of right and wrong
  • The Fall of Communism
  • Developing German language, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Learning about German culture

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Modern-day Berlin
 is the undisputed economic powerhouse of Europe, prosperous and at the forefront of technology, manufacturing, art and culture. It's an incredible turnaround for a city that barely survived widespread aerial bombardment by Allied forces in WWII, major reparations in the period that followed the conflict and the division of East and West Berlin that lasted for almost 30 years, only to go on to become one of Europe’s largest cities more than eight times larger than Paris. Berlin hasn’t shied away from its past either - Potsdamer Platz, an important public square in the centre of Berlin, is a stone’s throw from many superb museums and monuments, including the new Holocaust Memorial, that each tell the story of a city that narrowly survived the darkness of a world war.

In fact, such stories seem to overflow from every corner of Berlin, giving you a very real sense of the history pervading through the streets.

Berlin has done a superb job in creating a very tourist friendly city. With excellent affordable central accommodation, an easy-to-use public transportation system and an impressive number of detailed museums, most of which are free to enter, Berlin is rapidly becoming the ideal school trip destination, giving your students a fascinating insight into the events that have shaped the Europe we live in today.

What is Included

  • Airport transfers upon arrival and departure
  • 4 nights accommodation in centrally located hostel (multi rooms for students and singles for staff)
  • Breakfasts and dinners daily (at hostel)
  • Guided walking tour of Berlin’s main sights (approx 3.5 hours)
  • Guided walking tour with Cold War focus (approx 3.5 hours)
  • Excursion to Sachsenhausen with guide and coach (approx. 4 hours)
  • ROOF charity donation
  • Free staff places as requested
  • 24 hour emergency contact numbers

What is not Included

  • Flights (see FAQs)
  • Medical, trip cancellation / interruption or baggage insurance (see FAQs)
  • UK airport transfers (unless requested)
  • Lunches
  • Public transportation tickets
  • Entrance fees (unless stated)
  • Gratuities for local guides and drivers (see FAQs)
  • Tickets for evening activities (see FAQs)


  • Day oneArrival, check-in, dinner, Reichstag
  • Day twoGuided walking tour (Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Lustgarten, Berlin TV Tower), afternoon options
  • Day threeGuided walking tour (Cold War Battleground, Communist East Berlin, the Berlin wall), afternoon options
  • Day fourSachsenhausen Memorial, afternoon options
  • Day fiveCheck-out, U-Bahn ride to West Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, last minute shopping on Kurfurstendamm, airport transfer


The 5 day itinerary below is primarily designed with the student of history and politics in mind and only a guideline. Once we know your requirements in terms of curriculum, budget and travel dates, we will create the perfect customised itinerary for you. We can also change the focus of your trip, for example for Art departments we could design a trip with visits to the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Neue Nationalgalerie and the Bauhaus Archiv.



Arrive in Berlin and transfer to your accommodation for check in. If time permits, spend some of the afternoon getting used to the U-bahn and purchase your small group travel tickets. After dinner visit the Reichstag, the home of the modern German Parliament and take the lift up to the spectacular dome designed by the famous British architect Norman Foster.


This morning enjoy a 3.5 hour guided walking tour of some of Berlin's most important central sights. Start off at the symbol of Germany, the Brandenburg Gate. From there, follow the line of the Wall through the former Nazi Government District to Checkpoint Charlie. Head through the 1920's Cabaret Mile and over Berlin's grandest square, Gendarmenmarkt, to Museum Island. End in the beautiful surroundings of the Lustgarten, the old royal gardens located in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from some of the best museums in the world. This tour also covers the following highlights: Pariser Platz, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Site of Hitler's Former Bunker, Luftwaffe HQ, the 17th June Memorial, the Former SS HQ, Checkpoint Charlie, Bebelplatz and the Book Burning Memorial, the Old Royal Boulevard, Neue Wache and the TV Tower. (This is a flexible tour and will be adapted to your preferred start and finish point)

For afternoon options, please see the section “Recommended activities”. 


This morning's guided walking tour has a Cold War focus. Explore Berlin's former Soviet sector, a Cold War battleground and foundation of Communist East Berlin. Learn of life behind the Iron Curtain and see how the DDR and the Stasi, the largest spy network the world has ever seen, kept an entire population under observation. This 3.5 hour tour covers Stalinallee (Karl Marx Allee), Berlin Stasi HQ, Ghost stations, Embassies of the four Cold War Powers, the Berlin Wall Crossing Points (the Palace of Tears), the East Side Gallery, Ostalgia and the Berlin Wall and the Death Strip. (This is a flexible tour and will be adapted to your preferred start and finish point)

Note: This tour can be customised to focus on the subject matter of your choice

For afternoon options, please see the section “Recommended activities”.


Head just outside the city's northern limits today with a guided visit to the Sachsenhausen Memorial, standing today as a reminder of the darkest days in Berlin's history. Stuck behind the Iron Curtain for 60 years, hard to reach and less well known than Dachau or Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen was the nerve centre of the Nazi concentration camp system, a place where over 50,000 abused prisoners perished, where SS guards were trained to work in this and other camps, and where after 1945, Soviet occupiers housed their political enemies.

This Memorial is at the heart of 21st century Berlin's commemoration to the horrors of the last century.

Return to the city by coach for lunch. For afternoon options, please see the section “Recommended activities”.


After check-out, ride the U-Bahn over to Western Berlin and see Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Zoo Station and enjoy some last minute shopping on Kurfurstendamm and the famous department store KaDeWe.

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Afternoons and evenings are left free in our suggested itinerary so that you can choose the museums or sites which most suit your school's curriculum requirements. We will be happy to discuss these in detail with you and make all necessary advance bookings. Below are listed the most popular activities and sights that schools who travel with us like to supplement their itinerary with, along with their entrance fee. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help customise your trip. For evening activities please scroll to the bottom.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - free

Designed by Peter Eisenman the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is probably one of the most dramatic and vast memorials you will ever see. Wandering through it gives you an eerie sense of isolation whilst knowing others are not far away. Stopping here allows everyone a little time to think about the enormity of the suffering endured by the Jews.There is also an information centre which can be visited free of charge.

Jewish Museum - €3.00 per person 

This unique building designed by Daniel Libeskind adds an extra element of interest which you don't get with many museums. The exhibitions are displayed in interesting shaped rooms, long corridors and tucked away nooks, with modern art used to help visitors think about history in a unique way. The museum chronicles Jewish history from the middle ages to modern day with a strong focus on Jewish experiences during the reign of the Third Reich.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum - €6.50 for school groups

Situated at one of the main Berlin wall checkpoints, Checkpoint Charlie Museum is quite an eclectic mix of artefacts and stories which should keep everyone interested. Although organised in a rather haphazard manner the museum really brings to life what life was like until the fall of the Berlin wall. The desperate measures people would go to in order to escape the east and the human experience during this most fascinating historical period.

Stasi Prison - €25 fee for up to 25 people (you may possibly need a coach for this excursion too)

Visiting a Stasi prison in Berlin is a unique opportunity for your students to experience what life would have been like during communist Germany. Everything within the prison has remained the same giving you a realistic experience of life for the political prisoners there and how political persecution was administered. Many of the guides actually experienced being prisoners here first hand which makes for a very interesting and thought provoking guided tour.

Topography of Terror - free

Situated at the site where the headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS and the Reich Security Main Office were located during the Third Reich. This permanent exhibition documents the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. The memorial situated right next to an original part of the Berlin wall contains a wealth of information, photographs and personal accounts to help you understand and experience this period of history.

Berlin Wall Documentation Centre - €6.50 per person for school groups. A guided tour costs €120.

Offers an interesting opportunity to study the Berlin Wall from it's conception to its fall. There is an observation tower which will give you an arial view overlooking a section of the original border. This helps you understand how it would have worked in reality to keep East Germany segregated.

(picture is courtesy if

Wannsee - free (you would need to pay for transportation costs only)

The villa used by the SS to host the now termed Wannsee conference, a visit here is an opportunity to imagine those 15 high ranking SS officers meeting to discuss the 'final solution'. It is possible to read the notes from this meeting and determine for yourself how they came to that dreadful conclusion. The outcome of this meeting is made all the more poignant given the beautiful location and surroundings of the villa.

The Story of Berlin - €5 per person for school groups

This fantastically interactive museum chronicles life in Berlin over the last 800 years. It's possible to choose a tour based on the period of German history that particularly interests you and is most beneficial to your students studies. All the exhibitions are aimed at giving you the experience of being in Berlin during that time, with one of the highlights of the museum being a guided tour through an original nuclear bunker!

DDR Museum - €3.50 per person for school groups

This is another very popular and interactive museum in Berlin. Allowing visitors to interact with and experience rather than simply view the exhibitions. The main aim of the DDR is to bring to life what it was like in the GDR and how it would have felt to live through and experience socialism day to day.

Tempelhof Airport guided tour – 8€ per person

Designed by the Nazis to be the largest airport terminal ever and at one time coming in as one of the top 20 largest buildings on earth, Tempelhof is a vast and impressive place to visit. Not least for its historical relevance during the Berlin Airlift of 1948, with Allied planes flying vital foodstuffs into the divided city. Although the airport itself is now closed the building is a registered historical monument where guided tours can be arranged. (picture is courtesy of Wikipedia)

Gemäldegallerie - €40 for a guided tour for 25 people, entrance free for under 18s (1 teacher is free for every 10 students)

This expansive gallery holds one of the world's leading collections of European art from the 13th to the 18th centuries. With paintings from artists such as Rubens, Raphael and Rembrandt to name just a few! The gallery was first opened in 1830, but was rebuilt in 1998 and is a wonderful place to study the history of art. Audio tours are available.

Neue National Gallerie - €40 for a guided tour for 25 people, entrance free for under 18s (1 teacher is free for every 10 students)

There are many art museums to choose from in Berlin however, The Neue National Gallerie houses the finest collection of modern art in Germany. Ranging from early modern art to art of the 1960s, the collection includes works by Munch, Kirchner, Picasso, Klee, Feininger, Dix, Kokoschka, and many others.

Kurfürstendamm (Ku’damm) / KaDeWe - free, but potentially very expensive! A good opportunity for some downtime and shopping.

After some serious sightseeing it's always good to take some time out to browse the shops of a new city and there's no better way to do this in Berlin than to visit KaDeWe. The Department Store of the West stood as a symbol of the west's economic strength whilst east and west Berlin were split and its prominence is no less now as it's still the second largest department store in Europe, beaten only by Harrods.


TV Tower - (€10.50 per person or €8.50 if you book in advance)

Dominating the skyline of Berlin the TV Tower is an excellent reference point when sightseeing but also an interesting building to visit. Built in the 60's to demonstrate the might of the GDR this building towers over the city giving you amazing 360' views of Berlin and all it's famous sights. It can get very busy though and so it is a good idea to book in advance and you can benefit from a discount also - €10.50 per person or €8.50 if you book in advance

Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Open until 10pm and there is no need to make a booking. Entrance is €6.50 per person for school groups (1 teacher is free for every 10 students). If you would like a guided tour, we can make an advance booking and this would cost €120 for the group.

Ice Skating - There are several rinks in Berlin. Students would need €1.60 to skate and €4.00 for skate hire. There's no need to book in advance.

Ice Skating at an open air rink is a wonderful way to let everyone unwind after a long and often very moving day of sightseeing. This is a very popular past time in Berlin and there are several rinks to choose from. Students would need €1.60 to skate and €4.00 for skate hire. There's no need to book in advance

Sony Centre at Potsdamerplatz - free

For sporting events or theatre performances we are happy to check schedules closer to your departure date and make any necessary bookings.

This a great place to hangout of an evening in Berlin, right in the centre of Potsdamer platz. The Sony Centre contains a mixture of shops, cinema and Imax theatre as well as cafes and restaurants to keep everyone busy.

Bowling- We use two or three bowling alleys in Berlin depending on your whereabouts that day. A fun evening option after a full day of sightseeing (approx €8 pp)


Berlin has an excellent range of quality hostels at good prices for you to take advantage of. Listed below are the ones we make use of the most. If you have any preferences please let us know.

Singer 109

Centrally located and very convenient for the Ubahn, the closest one being Strausberger Platz with Alexanderplatz just a couple of stops away. Singer109 is a very good quality hostel of hotel standard. There's a great communal area for students to spend time which includes free wifi, a pool table, darts, foosball and even a play station! The buffet style breakfasts and dinners are exceptional and offer something to suit everyone tastes.


The Aletto Kudamm is a fantastic student hostel in the central location of Templehof. You're close to key sights of interest such as the Jewish Museum and centres of entertainment like Potsdamer platz. There's little need to walk far for anything though as you are right on the Ubahn line between stops Hallesches Tor and Möckernbrücke‎. The hostel itself has a communal space with table football where your students can hang out with complimentary teas and coffees served throughout the day. You can also access the hostels free wifi in reception and all communal areas. Further to the communal space there's a private room which you can hire in order to show films or host quizzes. Breakfasts and dinners are served daily in the canteen and there are always a couple of options to choose from and to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Hotel Citylight

A very popular option with our school groups, this superior two star hotel is situated in Berlin's Mitte district and enjoys a great location, just 3 minutes walk from the Gesundbrunnen U-Bahn station and a similar distance from the Gesundbrunnen Shopping Centre. It boasts a vast leisure area, including a pool table, darts, table football and even a disco (which opens on a Mo and Th). All 90 rooms are modern, comfortable and equipped with a TV, telephone and free wifi as well as their own private bathrooms with hairdryers.

IP International

The Industriepalast Hostel opened it's doors in 2010 and has rapidly become one of our favourite accommodation options in Berlin. It is in a converted 100 year old red brick building and is excellently located in the district of Friedrichshain. The famous East Side Gallery is just round the corner and Warschauer Strasse metro station is only 100 meters away. This hostel is perfectly set up for school groups with a spacious lobby area containing a pool table and table football, a separate games area in the basement and 90 modern, bright rooms. Check out this video!


Below are some handy links to help you plan your trip to Germany. If you find a broken link or have a good addition to this section, please let us know. Please note that we are not responsible for the content of any external links.


British Foreign Office Travel Advice

Advice from the British Foreign Office on travel to Germany

Fit For Travel - Germany

Vaccination information for people travelling to Germany from the UK

Healthcare Abroad

The NHS site dedicated to Healthcare abroad with handy tips and information on the free European Health Insurance Card

National Geographic's Germany pages

A wealth of information about Germany from a geographic perspective


BBC Germany Country Profile

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Short History of Germany


Berlin Official Tourism Portal

BVG - Berlin Transport Authority

BBC Weather 5 Day Forecast - Berlin


Climate Care

Information on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint whether at home or when you are travelling.


How do I get more information or make a booking?

Please contact us here

Where can I find your booking conditions?

Please click here

Are flights included and what is your ATOL number?

Yes, ATOL 10834

What is your free staff ratio?

We normally include 1 free staff place for every 10 paying participants, but we are flexible with this. Please contact us for more details.

Can you arrange travel insurance?

A fully comprehensive school group travel insurance policy is included as a matter of course in all our quotes. For more information please see our booking conditions.

What is my luggage allowance?

Each airline has different policies on luggage allowance and it is best to visit your airline’s website to check the latest allowance. Here are some of the most popular airline links:

British Airways Baggage Guide

Lufthansa Baggage Guide

KLM Baggage Guide

EasyJet Baggage Guide

Ryanair Baggage Guide

What are the current hand baggage restrictions?

Air Travel Hand Baggage Rules

This handy site details what you can and can't carry in your hand baggage, including current restrictions on the quantities of liquids and size and type of hand baggage allowed.

Where can I get the latest travel advice?

For the latest travel advice please visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website

Will I need any vaccinations?

Please click here for up to date travel health information provided by the NHS.

What money should I take?

It is wise to take some Euros with you to Berlin, this will save the whole group needing to withdraw money on arrival, although ATM’s are not difficult to find.

What is the current exchange rate?

Please see this handy currency converter for the latest rates

How much should we budget per day?

All breakfasts and dinners are included, so you will only need additional money for lunches and snacks as far as meals are concerned. We suggest allowing around £5-£10 per person per day to cover this and allowing for any money for souvenirs your students may wish to buy.

Do we need to tip anybody?

We ask that you recognise the service your receive from your local guides and drivers. We will provide you with a gratuity guideline in our quote.

Are there any hidden expenses?

Never. Our aim is to include as much as possible in our quotes so you can work out exactly how much money your students will need in Berlin. There will be no hidden costs on tour - everything will be explained clearly beforehand. There are, however, some items we cannot include this far in advance, for example tickets for evening activities, as these are dependent on schedules and ticket availability which we usually will not know until two months before departure. Nearer your departure time we will look at all the options for your group and inform you of ticket prices. The only other items your students will need extra money for in Berlin will be their lunches, snacks, public transportation tickets and any souvenirs they may wish to buy. Gratuities are not included, but we suggest you collect this money in advance of departure.

Do you organise UK airport transfers?

Yes we do. Just let us know of this requirement at the outset.

How will we get around Berlin?

Berlin is very accessible via its cheap public transport system. It is easy to tour the city using the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, tram and bus links, especially as you can purchase a day pass covering all of these modes of transport. You can find out more information here

In our experience ‘Small Group’ day tickets are the best option for our groups.

Small Group tickets are for groups of 5 people so you will have to buy enough to cover your whole group. They can be bought at ticket machines or over the counter in the U-Bahn. It is also possible to buy them in some newsagents and at the reception in certain hostels.

You can purchase enough tickets in one go to cover all your days in Berlin, as you can validate just the number you need to use each day at the validation machines in the U-Bahn stations. Please note that each day you must validate the necessary number of tickets for that day.


AB 15,00 Euros

BC 15,30 Euros

ABC 15,50 Euros

In most cases tickets covering the zones of AB will be sufficient for your sightseeing.

What is the time difference between the UK and Germany?

Germany is GMT +1hr

Do I need to take an adaptor plug?

You will need to take a two pin adaptor plug for Germany.

What clothes should we bring?

If visiting over the autumn and winter months it is advisable to prepare for the worst and pack a good warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves, plus a water proof jacket and sensible shoes. Remember you’re likely to be outside a great deal as well as walking between sights of interest. Layers are best.

If travelling in spring and summer it is possible to pack lighter clothing, however always be prepared for the rain. Again, sensible footwear is essential.

Will towels be supplied in the hostels?

Most hostels do not supply towels in all rooms, although you can usually request to hire one at reception for a nominal fee. We would advise that everyone takes a towel to save any extra unnecessary expense on tour.

Will there be hairdryers in the rooms?

Some hostels provide hairdryers in some rooms although it is unusual for students to have one in their rooms. We would suggest where students are sharing a room they take one or two hairdryers between them.

What will the food be like?

Unless otherwise stated in your quote all breakfasts and dinners will be included. These are usually of a buffet style meaning that there will be various options to suit all tastes, but this is accommodation dependent. We will take details from you of any special dietary requirements to ensure that meals are arranged with these requirements in mind. Lunches are usually bought individually whilst on tour and your guide will suggest a range of establishments close to the group’s meeting spot to allow students and staff to find something to suit them.

Checklist of essential items to bring

  • Passport
  • Photocopies of passports
  • Spending money
  • Standard European continental power adaptor 220v
  • Camera (perhaps suggest not to bring expensive video cameras)
  • Hairdryers if not supplied by your hotel
  • Toiletries and travel tissues
  • Medications and supporting prescriptions or letter from your GP
  • Food supplements if you are on a special diet
  • Small suitcase and daypack
Please contact us to plan your school trip to Berlin. Why travel with TCBC?