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TCBC have been simply the best organised, knowledgeable and effective tour company I've travelled with in 20 years. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone considering a foreign visit.

Phil Stott Head of History

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The King's School Macclesfield in China

"Although we do not study Chinese history formally, there is no doubt that everyone learnt a lot from our visit to China."

Eileen Olsen, Head of History at Kings Macc, led a party of 42, comprised mostly of sixth form students, to Beijing & Xian for 8 days with TCBC. 

"The trip to China was very much an extra curricular trip aimed at extending the historical and cultural knowledge of our students, however the pupils found the trip to China relevant in a variety of ways. The geographers enjoyed the cityscape of Beijing and Xian whilst the economists and politics students benefitted from the guide’s intimate knowledge of recent changes in China’s political and economic arenas."

"Students benefit in many ways from such trips. Many researched Chinese history prior to travelling and attended calligraphy and Chinese Culture days run by Liverpool University. They were inspired by China's recent and ancient history. They enjoyed seeing the cultural differences between Eastern and Western society first hand. They were genuinely interested in the history of China before the 1949 revolution as China has such a rich story to tell. The Terracotta Warrior Museum stands out as something that they will never forget along with the Great Wall. The students particularly enjoyed meeting the Chinese people as they were regularly accosted by visitors to Bejing wanting them to be the centre piece for photos."

"Everything about China was interesting and different. Even travelling on the coach gave us access to the bizarre street and road cleaning arrangements whereby individuals in uniforms swept the lanes as cars zoomed by either side. The driving also caused amusement as most Chinese are new drivers and cars are limited to a lottery system. So anyone in a new car is sure to be a brand new driver and to be avoided at all costs. For the musicians and thespians amongst our party, the Chinese traditional opera was a revelation and the various theatre and Kung Fu shows were highlights. The quality of the acrobatics and kung fu fighting was tremendous."

"This was very much an extension trip with some parents specifically thanking us for organising a trip that enabled their sons and daughters to travel to this rapidly emerging market as they presume that is where the future lies."

"Our trip to China was excellent and everyone agreed that it really could not have been better. I would have no hesitation in recommending TCBC to other schools."

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